Precast Volumetric Constructions

Build differently... with concrete modular systems !

Our offers

Our strenghts

4 key assets are allowing us to win !

Innovative technologies

Our innovative technologies are protected by international patents and continuously improved through R & D partnerships.

Sustainable constructions

Levels of Durability, Quality and Safety far superior to other modular technologies, thanks to Concrete and B.I.M.

Quick building

Off-site construction allows both quick installation but also overall reduction of the project duration through parallel work

Environnemental conscience

Less waste, less water, less negative social impacts are at the heart of our business model

Your project

Fasten and ease your projects with our support !

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Circular economy and off-site construction is rising worldwide, and Modulo Beton is recognized as one of the few players in these fields ! With an established presence already in Europe, US, Canada and new perspectives in China, Australia, Brazil, Japan and South Africa, we hope to become a global player in the coming years

Ing. David NICOLAS

Modular offsite construction

High quality buildings from 150 to 3000 sqm, installed in a few weeks !

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Our building systems are adapted to most of constructions.

We first listen to your needs, then engineer the best approach to allow quick economical and planning benefits

Our concept of PPVC modular building
4 Specialized teams
~20M Revenues
17 International partners
250+ Use cases


Modulo Beton is attending IFAT 2018 in Munich

The international team of German Modulo Wertstoffhoefe and Scandinavian Modulo Systems is on IFAT 2018 in Munich . Showcasing the benefits of their cutting edge environment advisory services and reliable Modulo Béton infrastructures products !