MODULO BETON awarded in the Netherlands . MODULO BETON récompensée aux pays bas !

Découvrez comment MODULO BETON participe aux 30 innovations en matière d’économie circulaire aux Pays Bas et dans le monde =>

Jacqueline Cramer est ancienne Ministre de L’environnement des Pays bas.

Jacqueline Cramer presented the magazine « CIRCULAR IS GOING GLOBAL » to 3 successful circular entrepreneurs during the symposium « Grenzeloos Circulair ».

Beautiful recognition for 10 years of circular entrepreneurship from Modulo

« The Netherlands has a lot to offer internationally in the field of circular economy », Holland Circular Hotspot (HCH) is an organization with multiple stakeholders. Companies, knowledge institutes and (local) authorities work together in this. Since HCH has been included in the Governmentwide Circular Economy Program, many strides have already been made to connect the Dutch business community with other countries. There is now a website in the air that makes HCH more visible. There is also a beautiful magazine made with 30 inspiring examples in the field of the circular economy.

Modulo Milieustraten (MODULO BETON Netherlands) is one of the Best Practices that is included and they are proud of it. 10 years ago they started designing and realizing circular environmental waste in the Netherlands.

The team consists of people with a passion for environmental waste, who are constantly looking for innovations and who monitor the changing role and impact of the environmental waste areas. The own knowledge center now supports several municipalities and cooperating organizations in the migration from the traditional environmental street to an inspiring circular raw materials center.

Read here the 30 Best Practices in Circular is going Global

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